Lipo x Super Lifting

Fat Burning Injection Instantly V Shape What’s Lipo x Super Lifting? Lipo x Super Lifting is the latest innovation of fat burn thread lifting to reduce fat around the cheeks or double chin. As well as, lifting and tighten the skin. Fat burning drug formula from natural extracts coating-cell through the process crystallization. With Super Lifting formula coated on the thread called “Crystal Thread” is a premium quality thread that is different from normal one. By giving better results and able to see the results from the first time. The natural extracts are not harmful to the body. The molecules from crystals thread will reduce the size of fat cells to be smaller and eliminate them from the body through […]

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Lift & Lock threading a slender face

threading lift a slender face Adjust the shape of your face to be slender, firm, naturally beautiful without surgery with B Clinic, a comprehensive beauty clinic. “thread lift” It is one of the technology in the procedure that helps lift the skin to be firm and look younger. without having to rely on surgery which is the use of dissolving sutures inserted under the skin to stimulate the tissue in that area to tighten Help solve the problem of sagging skin on the face. Wrinkles around the cheeks, nasolabial folds, jaw, forehead, etc. Nowadays, the trend of lifting and tightening the face by thread lifting is another method of skin lifting that is very popular. because the cost is not

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Bclinic-คลินิกเสริมความงาม - Squeeze & Anti-Cellulite

Stable ultrasound innovation

Fat burning precisely, get in shape, get rid of orange peel skin problems Squeeze & Anti-Cellulite Advanced with high-intensity and specific high-frequency sound energy (Focused Ultrasound) work with the excess fat layer. With a variety of depths in releasing waves of the new applicator, it can precisely remove fat at multiple depths. And able to get rid of fat. The new applicator can only reach out efficiently on small areas such as the fat at bra area, fat under arms, excess fat around the knees. Many Level of Applicator Lipolysis, kill accumulated fat in every layer of the skin Micro & Macro Focus Ultrasounds exclusive copyright under the license brand Ultraformer III from the United States. It is the latest

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Face Reshape at B Medical Clinic

All young boys and girls probably wish to have a slender, beautiful face for sure, no matter who wants to have a slender face, beautiful face with golden ratio. Because when taking a photo, it will come out beautiful and clear, nail it whatever situation. Do not have to hide the big face, big cheeks or a jaw, which is an obstacle to make our face slim. Many people who want to make a slim face, but still do not know how to solve their own face problems. Or some people have to spend money on solving wrong problems. Solve the problem incorrectly, makes the face not slender and beautiful as you dreamed. Today, B medical clinic, will share tips

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How to Reshape your Face? Which Techniques are Right for Us?

Adjusting the face shape to be slender and beautiful is a very popular method for either girls or boys. Because having a beautiful, slender, attractive face is considered as a very good thing and very easy to do in nowadays. There are many of beauty clinics provide services. Which today we have gathered good techniques that is suitable for each person’s facial structure. Let’s see what we have! What does face reshape mean? Adjusting the face shape to be slender and beautiful is a is a very popular method. Which is often recommended first when you come to the clinic. This is a method that can see the results quickly and safely without surgery needed and get in pain. There

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Change your face shape, using Filler

Problems that make many people dissatisfied and insecure that come with age, such as wrinkles of age, imbalance face shape, or want to adjust the face shape to get the way you want; may choose to use filler products. Because it is a method that has been widely accepted in the medical profession and see results fast and has many guaranteed reviews. But for those who still do not know, what is that filler? and what kind of filler ? How long does the filler last? Today we have these answers for you. What Is Filler? Filler is a Hyaluronic Acid filler substance or HA for short, an injection to fill the skin layer. Both superficial skin and deep skin.

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How Different between Filler and Botox? Is it Possible to Change the Face Shape?

How Different between Filler and Botox? Botox and Filler is the most popular treatment and repair. We usually use these two operations as a wrinkle reduction, especially dermal injection. But these two have various different which have less in common. And today, we gonna talk about how different between Filler and Botox? How does it help with wrinkles? Any side effects? As well as comparing how fillers and Botox are used differently? Get To KnowFiller What Is Filler? Filler is a dermal filler to solve the problem of excess wrinkles on the face and flabby skin problems, facial contouring, scars and face reshape. It can also make the facial skin look refreshed and moisturized by injected a type of filler

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Type of Face Which type of skin is yours?

Many people would have doubts that our skin is actually divided into how many types? And can be observed from what? And our facial skin is classified in what category? Today we will answer these various doubts that everyone may curious about. In order to know well because if we know our own skin well, it will be beneficial to maintain the skin in the most appropriate way. Facial skin can be divided into 5 types Normally, human facial skin is divided into 5 types, which are normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin. Each skin type being genetically determined and include various factors from the environment: such as the daily environment that you face, the

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Which way is the best effective and safety for face lifting?

Time passes by, skin health began to change over time. The skin that used to be firm and hydrated start to dry and rough and pores look larger. The reason is that the collagen under the skin is weakened causing a deep groove. And it takes a long time to see results by only using skincare. Therefore, filler injections are a popular choice that is often used to solve skin health problems. Because of quickly effective and very safe as well. What is Filler injection? Fillers are substances that are used to solve skin problems. By injecting fillers to fill in deep wrinkles and grooves at various points on the face, which is an extract that mimics natural substances. Which

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Face Lifting Technique Rejuvenation

Adjusting the face shape to be slender and smaller. It is considered something that many people want, whether girls or boys who come to consult with a medical professional all the time. Most often come to fix the problem of adjusting the face shape to be slender and more concise. Because it will make your face look sweet, tender and youthful enough. Currently, there are many ways to solve problems, especially those that require surgery. Which every time, the doctor will recommend to follow the most appropriate. Because each person’s problem is different. As for what methods are there? And which method is suitable for people with what kind of face shape? Today we have an explanation and popular methods

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Who should get Botox? Does it dangerous?

What’s Botox? What’s Botox? It’s a question that many people are probably wondering. Especially those who have read and received a suggestion from other people. In fact, Botox has a medical name called “Botulinum Toxin A” which is a type of protein, that was extracted from a bacterium called Clostridium. This type of extract, after being injected into the body, will directly active to interfere the nervous system within the various spots (Neurotoxin). “Botox injections” is a way to reduce wrinkles and adjust the face shape with obvious results. Plus, It doesn’t take a long time. Using Botox must be under the supervision of a doctor, in the appropriation amount for your safety. Patients who interested in Botox injections should

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Which Area Should I Botox Injection? And The Reason Why?

Botox injections are considered very popular in Thailand. It can be said that it is another way of work that can be experienced quickly. Especially for people who have never been through a knife before on their face. who often start to take care of themselves with Botox injections because it is an inexpensive procedure It also has a very high security. that can see the results clearly whether it is a matter of reducing excess wrinkles And adjusting the face in a slender face, and including being able to inject to make the face firm and clear as well, but the key is Must receive care from a specialized clinic that has been standardized only for best results and

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