How to Reshape your Face? Which Techniques are Right for Us?

Adjusting the face shape to be slender and beautiful is a very popular method for either girls or boys. Because having a beautiful, slender, attractive face is considered as a very good thing and very easy to do in nowadays. There are many of beauty clinics provide services. Which today we have gathered good techniques that is suitable for each person’s facial structure. Let’s see what we have!

What does face reshape mean?

Adjusting the face shape to be slender and beautiful is a is a very popular method. Which is often recommended first when you come to the clinic. This is a method that can see the results quickly and safely without surgery needed and get in pain. There are many problems that are suitable for adjusting the face shape: For example, large face, large jaw, square face, flat face, prominent cheekbones: unattractive facial proportions: such as short chin, short nose, narrow forehead. There are also many sub-elements such as drooping eyelids, cheeks sagging, square chin, double chin etc.

Nowadays, medical technology has changed and developed a lot. There are ways that can help to adjust the face shape to be slender in many ways. Most of them were provided advice by doctors who will choose to fit for each individual problem. Some people may do just one thing and see the result, but some people need to use multiple methods to see results.

Who Should Get Face Reshape?

For those who come to receive the service and consult about the problem of adjusting the face shape. Most of the time, it’s usually due to wide face, big face, unshape face, fat accumulation at muscle or getting older. Importantly, there are many technologies to solve problems quickly and effectively, it is also a method that is highly safe as well. Before getting any service, a medical professional will assess and always plan a case-by-case treatment plan. So, able to adjust and restructure individually to get the best results.

Good techniques for adjusting the face shape to be slender and beautiful.

1. Botox

Botox injections are a technique that suitable for patients who have facial problems like: too much muscles on the jawline. In this case, considered as an easy way to solve facial problems and very effective. The doctor will inject botulinum toxin A into the muscles around the face frame. In which, the substance will act on the skin to weaken and paralysis muscle. Therefore, when the muscles gradually decrease functional; alleviate muscle spasms and finally softer and getting smaller.

Botox injections able to adjust the face shape, and injected in 2 ways: Botox injections to reduce the jaw and face lifting. The doctor will consider the problem of the patient’s face. If the patient has a big facial problem with the size of the muscles or stiff muscles, so should reduce the size of the jaw first. For patients with untighten skin problems or collapsed jaw caused face frame skin sagging. Also able to get Botox to reduce the jaw, along with face lifting Botox as well; To make V shape and firmness and the face frame can be seen more clearly.

2. Filler

For injecting fillers, the filler is a way to adjust the face shape that suitable for patients’s face frame is V shape. According to various problems, whether aging, fat accumulates on face frame or slightly disproportionate facial structure. Filler injection is to adjust or fill the face to get proportional, clear face frame, more beautiful, more dimensional.

In case of filler injection over the face, the doctor will use a type of hyaluronic acid substance (Hyaluronic Acid) by injecting such a substance into the part that needs to be corrected in order to fill the missing spaces to be more complete. In most cases, normally, the doctor will adjust the entire lower face shape such as from jawline to chin; In order to make the best results. Currently, there are fillers that suitable for facial contouring injections, especially for the popular American brand Juvederm Volux.

3. Ultraformer III

The Ultraformer skin tightening tool is very suitable for patients who have sagging face, unfirm skin, wrinkles, not V shape. So, the ultraformer can give results similar to the face lift surgery. But the advantage is that you don’t have to get surgery to hurt yourself. And do not waste to recover time as well. Importantly, there are long-lasting results and effectively.

Ultraformer is a specific method that is an alternative to modern treatment. The mechanism of this is releasing high frequency sound waves via ultrasound (Focused Ultrasound) to under the skin layer, deep to the SMAS level; which haven’t done to this level of skin by any innovation. When the doctor shoots this energy into the skin, high-frequency sound waves are converted into small points of heat energy spreading throughout the SMAS layer to stimulate the shrinking of muscles; and finally recreates new collagen. Therefore, it results in the sagging skin looking lifted, V shape and wrinkles disappear, the skin is smoother and firmer and facial rejuvenation.

Nowadays, there are many methods that can be used to adjust the shape of the face to be more beautiful. Each method is a highly secure method and instant effective. But the important thing is to choose the method that suits the best to the facial structure. It should be consulted with a doctor and plan to be as systematic as possible in order to get the best results.

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