Lipo x Super Lifting

Fat Burning Injection Instantly V Shape

What’s Lipo x Super Lifting?

Lipo x Super Lifting is the latest innovation of fat burn thread lifting to reduce fat around the cheeks or double chin. As well as, lifting and tighten the skin. Fat burning drug formula from natural extracts coating-cell through the process crystallization. With Super Lifting formula coated on the thread called “Crystal Thread” is a premium quality thread that is different from normal one. By giving better results and able to see the results from the first time. The natural extracts are not harmful to the body. The molecules from crystals thread will reduce the size of fat cells to be smaller and eliminate them from the body through natural mechanisms. And stimulate the breakdown of fat continuously for 7-14 days when the crystal threads dissolve into the skin. New collagen and tissue will be stimulated to help increasing firmness without sagging skin.

Who Is Suitable for Lipo x Super Lifting?

– Patients who are approaching 30 or 30 year, whose face begins to sag, not firm, and the cheekbones fall
– Those who have excess fat on the face, cheeks, double chin which make the face frame not firm
– Those who injected Meso fat, Botox and did not see results. May be caused by injection for a long time

Caution: Before and After

Lipo x Super Lifting Injection

  • Because it uses a small needle. You don’t need to skip vitamins or any supplement before the operations.
  • Avoid wearing make-up right after the procedure or after about 6-8 hours
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day continuously for 2-4 weeks to stimulate the elimination of fat from the body.
  • Take supplements and vitamins to stimulate collagen

After Injected Lipo x Super Lifting

  • Take full dosage of antibiotics, painkillers, reduce swelling as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Washing your face on the first day of thread lifting, should be washed with water and gently because inflammation may occur.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. To prevent pressure on the wound after thread lifting
  • Avoid massaging, rubbing your face, or vigorously washing your face and avoid heating the treatment area for 2 weeks to preventthe shifting of the threads.
  • Avoid applying the cream to the injected area for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid swimming or doing sweaty activities for at least 24 hours

What is the effect of Lipo x Super Lifting injection and how long can it last?

Immediately after injection, you will feel the change after taking only 3 minutes. The fat around the cheekbones is reduced by 20% the result will be more obvious. And see the full result in about 2-4 weeks, where the fat that has been eliminated from the body and will not return againThe effect of treatment lasts for 1 year, depending on self-care after the treatment

Why must Lipo x Super Lifting injected at B Clinic?

  • Free individual consultation service directly by specialist doctors
  • Solve the problem for the patient directly on point. See the first results immediately after treatment just 3 minutes.
  • Be confident in the results and safety with special techniques only by the medical team from B Clinic.
  • Help solve the problem for the patient on the spot. See the first results immediately after treatment. Instantly look younger without surgery. no recovery
  • modern tools are Sterilized every time before use. The place is clean, spacious, and private
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