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Stable ultrasound innovation

Fat burning precisely, get in shape, get rid of orange peel skin problems

Squeeze & Anti-Cellulite

Advanced with high-intensity and specific high-frequency sound energy (Focused Ultrasound) work with the excess fat layer. With a variety of depths in releasing waves of the new applicator, it can precisely remove fat at multiple depths. And able to get rid of fat. The new applicator can only reach out efficiently on small areas such as the fat at bra area, fat under arms, excess fat around the knees.

Many Level of Applicator Lipolysis, kill accumulated fat in every layer of the skin

Micro & Macro Focus Ultrasounds exclusive copyright under the license brand Ultraformer III from the United States. It is the latest development of the Ultraformer to the 3rd generation, able to deliver energy into the skin layer wider and deeper, but providing stable release energy. Each point of energy released is highly precise and, most importantly, constant and consistent in the position of the shot to the surface layer. The heart of this stability is like stitching the deep collagen layer with Multi Functional MMFU (Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound)

The procedure of Ultraformer III

  • Reaches the adipose area with three levels of depth. Up to 8 times higher than conventional RF Able to reach the fat layer at a depth of 6 mm/ 9 mm/ 13 mm under the skin layer, which the energy obtained from this technology is 8 times higher than the energy from conventional RF.
  • Kill fat cells permanently Therefore, able to destroy fat cells permanently and effectively, resulting in a slender shape, smooth and firm skin.
  • Macro Focused Ultrasound Stable ultrasound innovation, a Macro Focused Ultrasound energy creates heat at a small specific point arranged together.
  • Very small diameter, appropriate temperature for lipolysis With a very small diameter of about 1 mm and a temperature for lipolysis, about 65-70 degrees Celsius

Where can I get rid of cellulite, orange peel skin?

Able to tighten the body, solve the problem of orange peel skin; in the popular areas of girls, whether

Upper thigh

Slimming in area of
( Bra Lines, Love Handles )

Upper chest


Slimming in area of
( Bra Lines, Love Handles )

Upper arm

Able to reduce the size immediately after the treatment

Why must Lipolysis at B Clinic?

Confidence in safety with Ultraformer technology that is highly secure. Able to break down excess fat under the skin layer, without damaging the surface of skin. And not causing any wounds. Recognized in more than 50 countries around the world. Certified for quality and safety from the European Food and Drug Administration (European CE), Australia (Australian TGA), Taiwan (Taiwan FDA), Japan (Japan FDA), Korea (Korea FDA), including Thailand.

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